After becoming friends with our new pal Paul here ty goes for the big plaaay and posts on his wall "JARED STOP PRETENDING TO BE THIS PAUL MAWDSLEY CHARACTER WE ALL KNOW YOUR TRUE IDENTITY" after paul attempted to get his entire texan possie to vote on the below poll "WHO THE FUCK IS THIS RANDOM". Ty decides to go for paul's jugular and finds his PHONE NUMBER and goes for the prank call featuring a huge conference call on skype.

Things discussed:

Shyam and his basement
Jacking off
The guy on the phone is bigman of the hour ty
Im the rather high pitched for some reason asian guy you can occasionally hear giving directions
Elena randy and bvo make cameos
Ty can hear us but paul cannot
the real shit goes down at 1:06
Turns out paul is actually some form of boss and can communicate with 100% grace akin to jared richardson. The following is the first conversation between the two (courtesy of ty kaufman, what the fuck is facebook I have no idea)

Paul Mawdsley    (initiates convo)
I don't really see the resemblance. 

Jared Richardson Have you ever been so far even as decided to use go want to look more like?
20 minutes ago 

Paul Mawdsley lol me to lol u now me him lol u hes loling lol
19 minutes ago 

Jared Richardson At first i was like. Then i lol'd.
18 minutes ago 

Paul Mawdsley I hear we're a legend.
17 minutes ago 

Jared Richardson No.15 minutes ago

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