GG looks like old man brown made the correct move in vetoing sb185. Sb185 would have allowed colleges and universities to use race and ethnicity as a factor in determining admissions, which basically means colleges would give bonus points to blacks and mexicans at the expense of whites and asians.

"I wholeheartedly agree with the goal of this legislation...[However] Our constitutional system of separation of powers requires that the courts -- not the Legislature -- determine the limits of Proposition 209...Signing this bill is unlikely to impact how Proposition 209 is ultimately interpreted by the courts; it will just encourage the 209 advocates to file more costly and confusing lawsuits." - Jerry Brown 

Proposition 209 being the pro initiative that banned affirmative action in California.

coolstorybro: So about 10 minutes into calculus I had to go take a shit because I decided I wasnt going to try to hold that baby in the entire day. The retard toilet paper at our school is only one fucking ply so instead of folding 20 times I had to scrunch the thing into a ball to wipe how stupid.
10/10/2011 12:59:14 pm

Cool story bro, @ calc class


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