EZ business np just playing some league of legends with ty jared ashley kenneth + some guy I forgot but only four of us are on skype voice chat for some reason. I put ashley in the phone call for team communication purposes but Ty decides to get mad at ashley for some reason and shouts out loud " I dont fucking want to play with Ashley shes bad." However, Ty didnt realize that I put ashley in the call and gets super boned. I try to stop Ty from fumbling by instantly saying " NO FUCK TY oh my go.." but it was too late. so basically me and kenneth are laughing our assess off for about 5 minutes while Ty sulks in embarrasment trying to get mad through text chat
problem bro?
Anyway, what happens next is that Ty decides that it is getting way too fucking awkward with him and ashley in the same room so he hangs everyone up in the original skype call and makes a new one without ashley in it ( even though ashley is at this point still playing with us, and the game just started). Once we are in the game lobby though, I expose Ty's evil plans by saying out loud "SO IT APPEARS AS THOUGH TY HAS MADE A NEW SKYPE CALL, AND ONE OF THE 5 OF US ARE NOT IN IT ATM." Ty is again flustered. Then, one player on the enemy team leaves before the picking phase is over disbanding out lobby. At this point, Ty remakes the lobby with only 4 of us, aka he ditched ashley even though ashley waited 5 minutes for jared to finish playing his game (LOL TY SMOOTH MOVE).

Turns out Me and Ty carry kenneth and jared on our backs to win the game.

On the same day, kenneth and ty and some other kids already had a full party but then I logged on and demanded to be put in the lobby at the expense of someone else so kenneth and ty sneakily ditch cris b LOL (mad kids will get mad)
10/10/2011 01:03:29 pm

This TY guy sounds like a real tool...

8/15/2016 02:26:37 pm

Wow. Ty Kaufman is a total dick


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