EVERYTHING GOING SUPERB IN FANTASY FOOTBALL I SHOULD BE CRUISING TO AN EASY VICTORY TO SEAL MY NUMBER ONE STATUS ON THE INTERNET but then lesean mccoy gets injured after only getting a measly 4.5 yards, sealing my fate as a slobbish number 2.

However, this fate is much better than the fate suffered by Mason levy, who appeared to be on the rise and almost made it to the playoffs, only to be outskilled by kevin meagher and then... JAKE LOTWIN, and ended up in last place cause hes bad.

An even worse fate was suffered by Thai nguyen, who foolishly bet me in the semifinals that he would win the match. Well, turns out he lost and he has to sing "a thousand miles" by some venessa chick as well as hold up what is going to be a rather humiliating sign all the while wearing my eagles jacket and eagles cap.

his song will then be put up with jake's song for an epic poll

also ZQ's team ended up being all hype and got a dissapointing 3rd place (badkidismad)
10/25/2013 05:48:04 pm

A little off-topic but just wanted to say I liked the layout of the site


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