GG looks like AMERICA has successfully launched another mars rover because mars is 2EZPZ for the USA. This curiosity rover isnt supposed to land on mars for another 8.5 months but everything is obviously going to go 100% because its American and America > Mars

Meanwhile those clumsy Russians are putting on one of their shitty typical showcases of "claim that their spacecraft will go to mars but gets stuck in low earth orbit instead." The reds have a spectacular win loss ratio of 0- (too many to count), meaning they have failed at every attempt cause they are garbage.

Back when they were the soviet union, they decided that they had to pull a quick one out of their ass and beat the USA to mars cause we beat them to the moon, however their 2 1969 mars attempts both failed at launch (LOL). their next 3 missions hit mars like a rock and didnt transmit for shit, and the mission after that whiffed completely and sailed right past mars (how the fuck do you miss a planet do some math noobs). numerous failures after that too many to detail

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