need a change of undergarments there mason?
After going 2-3 and being tied for second to last place, Mason had to pull off a win this week especially after making that stupid excuse " I had the hardest teams to play against me omg!". Well it turns out that this week Mason managed to pull himself out of the dumpster, or rather, thai decided to climb into the dumpster with Mason and Mason saw his chance and stepped on top of Thai for a 1 point victory. In this High Scoring contest of legends, oh wait they only scored about 70 points each because they have garbage as fuck teams. Thai's entire wide reciever lineup scored less than my one WR mike wallace while Mason's minnesota defense going full retard for the -1 points. Randy scored more points this week that both these dumpsters combined (KEVIN U MAD SON? )

After getting shitslammed by william peng over skype (see bottom post with william's skype comments), Mason needed a big win but turns out all he got was the smallest sons of wins. Mason get yourself a clipboard and a pen or pencil and take notes you ready?

1.) Your quarterbacks are trashtier trade me for cam newton ill take that adrian peterson off your hands
2.) Change your horribad defense, minnesota plays green bay next week
3.) Change your skype profile pic, its gay-meter is off the charts
jokes? get this shit off my map
On another note, my team faces mason's team this week. Mason has a huge handicap advantage as the eagles have a bye week and my entire team is eagles, Mason will still probably lose because he has no idea about what football is ( nice peyton manning draft yo).

in other unsurprising news, jake lotwin loses yet another game

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