The latest victims of a losing bet with me, Jake Lotwin and Thai Nguyen had to sing various songs of questionable masculinity.

First off, is this Jake character who foolishly believed that he knew something that I didn't in government (<--- LOL) . After confirming facts with Sterling, Jake admitted defeat and sang Skater Boy (or "Sk8r Boi") by Avril Lavigne.
As you can tell, Jake was quietly whispering into the mic at best and his voice had to be amplified several times. 

HOWEVER, at least he swiftly completed his task as compared to this "THAI NGUYEN" person who delayed his sentence for weeks on end because " DUDE I DONT WANT MY PARENTS TO HEAR ME OMG" 

Finally, his parents decided to leave the house and Thai quickly booted up the skype and told me "DENNIS FUCK DO IT NOW DO IT NOW QUICK QUICK"
[8:03:07 PM] Thai Nguyen: DUDE
[8:03:09 PM] Thai Nguyen: I"M READY
[8:03:11 PM] Thai Nguyen: QUICK BEFORE
[8:03:16 PM] Thai Nguyen: MY PARENTS COME BACK

ok son you better sing well since theres nobody there to judge you eh
EVERYTHING GOING SUPERB IN FANTASY FOOTBALL I SHOULD BE CRUISING TO AN EASY VICTORY TO SEAL MY NUMBER ONE STATUS ON THE INTERNET but then lesean mccoy gets injured after only getting a measly 4.5 yards, sealing my fate as a slobbish number 2.

However, this fate is much better than the fate suffered by Mason levy, who appeared to be on the rise and almost made it to the playoffs, only to be outskilled by kevin meagher and then... JAKE LOTWIN, and ended up in last place cause hes bad.

An even worse fate was suffered by Thai nguyen, who foolishly bet me in the semifinals that he would win the match. Well, turns out he lost and he has to sing "a thousand miles" by some venessa chick as well as hold up what is going to be a rather humiliating sign all the while wearing my eagles jacket and eagles cap.

his song will then be put up with jake's song for an epic poll

also ZQ's team ended up being all hype and got a dissapointing 3rd place (badkidismad)
Coming to nobody's surprise, the fantasy football league rankings up to saturday october 15th are as follows
1.) WILLIAM "stigged" PENG
2.) Dennis "FloatesMcgoates" Cao
3.) Kevin "Republicans win" Meagher <--- btw meagher is spelled kind of like meghan HMM?
4.) Randy "sushi" Hiroshige
----------- (top four go to playoffs)
5.) Thai "Thaitanium" Nguyen
6.) Mason "go nads" levy
7.) Ty "GG KEV U MAD?" Kaufman 
8.) Jake "dunno his team name but he sucks huge balls" Lotwin

Pulling the number one spot out of his fucking ass is this william fellow who immigrated in the third grade. Going into the draft, he had no idea what the hell he was doing so he decided to "troll" kevin by first picking aaron rodgers. Turns out kevin goes for the counter troll by picking william's favorite bandwagon quarterback tom brady. Then, the two negotiate a SUPERSECRET trade. Anyway, william procedes to stack his entire team full of new england patriot players because he knows 0 about anybody else who plays in the NFL and he crosses his fingers while holding his balls hoping for wins.

WELL then out of 100% luck it turns out after 5 weeks of play William rode the patriot penis all the way to first place. Now, he thinks he is the lord of all football and has began giving out advice to other players.
This shit is unbearable

Of course, I did the same thing as william only instead of stacking patriots players I have stacked Eagles players for equally good results, EZ number 2 seed no problems?

The other story here is that the 3 white kids in the league are scrambling to explain why they r sucking so much dick
typical excuses + nice english bro
jake just sucks nice 1-4 chap dont worry I provide fantasy football lessons for $9.99 per hour paypal to