So In casual conversation Kenneth brings up the fact that Daryl was playing runescape with this here fellow Shyam "Ironic Maiden" Ravichandran. Of course, any mention of Shyam piques Kevin Meagher's interest because hes the only kid still in constant contact with our favorite indian as Shyam is Kevin's boss in the online soccer game fifa(LOL STEP UP SON). Kevin decides to do a little facebook snooping and guess what he finds?
Looks like we have a 100% jared confirmed I mean look at this guy he has it down to the toilet paper clinging to the glasses that Jared keeps around so he can jack off where he wants when he wants. On the other side, he has his sunglasses he keeps around because he knows that his transitions take a year and a half to turn dark in the sun and a commensurate amount of time to become clear in the shade. Also, note how this guy is mocking us with his shirt of some troll + "MAGIC!" which is a clear allusion to jared seemingly being at 2 places at once. yo pal ur secrets out bro maybe you shouldve been better at hiding and not allow urself to be photoed by shyam eh?
Ok so the "jared obvious" category was winning by ez points but then it looks like paul brought in his texas gang, should be close